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Happy Birthday Achievement Hunter

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not even the liberator can compete with ray’s sweet family smart car

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If you guys are interested, Geoff explains the full process of making a Let’s Play on Reddit.

Wow, I mean I KNEW making a LP was long and hard…but wow. Major, MAJOR respect for Gavin, and Lindsay, and JJ (and anyone and everyone else who has had to sit there and edit one of those).

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Rooster Teeth: Word Search

The first company name that you see is the one you want to work at most.

Well… Is it?
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The last line “Will you follow me. One last time.” is more for the fans then anything else. This is Peter asking us if we will stand with him on this final visit to Middle Earth. This is truly the end. 

don’t go where i can’t follow :(

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Happy 6th Birthday, Achievement Hunter! (July 28, 2014)

Happy 6th Birthday, Achievement Hunter! (July 28, 2014)

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Looking for blogs to follow, reblog if you post/reblog the following;

  • Achievement Hunter
  • Game Grumps
  • GassyMexican
  • SeaNanners and or the crew
  • The Creatures (Any of them)
  • VanossGaming and or the crew

If not it’d be great if word is spread just put ‘helping’ in the tags or something thanks!

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please turn on the audio for this

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